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This is puma's limited edition shoes. They make the shoes by working together with
ferarri.With its silver color,we call it "puma limited edition ferarri". You can use it
for soccer, the factory jus made it for 1 month because it was made from alluminium.
How about it?
This is yhe most expensive shoes we have in our store. The price is 2.5 million. Well, nike
brought is to our store and ask us to sell it,so,this is it. We call it "kobe 10" with
its black color, and there's orange mixed yellow in it's side make it the most populer shoes
the world.
This is nike's production before "kobe 10". The price is lower then "kobe 10". In January
2015, nike brought it to our store and ask us to sell it. With it's white mix with red color,
we call it "lebron 12".
This is adidas' most expensive shoes. They make it in their factory in Los Angeles,USA.
They make it when the world cup is coming.Of course they make it in 2014.with it's texture
, we call it "derick rose fifa limited edition".